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  • First, my congratulations to the team for making a very nice authenticator implementation.  Push notifications and the general work flow are excellent.  FaceID support on iOS is excellent, and much appreciated versus other authenticator implementations.

    I'd like to reiterate a (probably common) feature request, which is to add folder support.  Between two institutional/work related roles and my personal accounts, I have, at current count, 22 2FA applications which I get codes from from authenticator.

    This is just totally unwieldy in practice for accounts that need codes.  Sorting my accounts into folders so i can drill down into them would make my life a lot easier, and that's gotta be true for people who (correctly) rely on 2FA support a lot to protect our digital personal and professional lives.

    The other great feature to have would be a normal "swipe down at the top of a list to expose a search box" flow, where you could search by account name and surface an account quickly.   Some extra UX on top to quick-copy a code would be a sweet bonus.


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