Can SuperFetch be configured or guided as to which files it loads? RRS feed

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  • SuperFetch is great when it's cached a million small files that rarely change.  However, when I boot up, invariably it chooses to pre-load every large file I've worked with in the last 6 months.  I just bought a brand new Dell XPS 430 with 6GB of RAM, Raid0 drives and the system's running great, but Vista still insists on loading the 24GB VHD file for the Visual Studio 2010 CTP, and the three VMWare files I downloaded but never installed.   Granted, it's at a "background" priority, but I do notice a delay for the first 5 minutes after bootup.  It's after this point, it's finished reading the 35GB of download files and comes back around to read EXE files that I'll be needing.

    Can anyone give a clue as to how SuperFetch chooses what to load?  If I need to move my downloads to another drive, that's fine.  I thought I'd read somewhere that disabling indexing for a file excluded it from the preload list, but I think that was misleading.  Does anyone have authoritative or somewhat confident knowledge beyond a Google search?

    Thursday, January 8, 2009 12:51 AM