Does the non-elevated administrator token have a group policy? RRS feed

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  • I develop a radio broadcasting app which needs to synchronize the computer clock to a satellite network which sends a time signal.  Perhaps it is frowned upon, but many operators of my software use a user account which is a member of the administrators group.

    A local group policy has been added to the individual user to enable "Change the system time", however, this makes no difference at all and SetLocalTime is not permitted.  This only works for "Normal" users not a member of the administrators group.

    The only solution currently is to disable UAC, which has security implications.

    Is there a method to leave UAC enabled but allow this particular policy to work for an administrator account, as it does for a "Normal" user account, without requiring user intervention?

    If not, then that seems stupid to me. Why not?  Disabling UAC completely is a far worse prospect.

    Note that the app does not run correctly when permanently elevated since drag & drop from Windows folders then doesn't work.



    Friday, February 22, 2013 1:24 PM