Autodesk Design Review 2009 for 4.1/4.2

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  • Found an interesting site that describes some steps to get Design Review to work with Softgrid 4.1 / 4.2. May be interesting;

    "Design Review 2009 Softgrid package

    Creating a Softgrid 4.1/4.2 package of Design Review 2009 took some trouble, it wouldn't launch during the process on a XP sequencer machine.
    The cause was multiple dependentAssembly definitions in several .config files.

    To get a working package do the following;

    1 Start the Softgrid monitoring and install DR2009 (did this in B:\cad\autodesk\dr2009)
    2 At the launch dialog, launch both entries (Design Review and DWF viewer)
    3 Enter the directory for DR2009 in a command prompt and enter the command dir /s *.config
    4 For each file that isn't 477 or 480 bytes in size, open it in notepad and remove the duplicate
       <sxs:dependentAssembly>...</sxs:dependentAssembly> definitions
       There are some files which even had 3 of these definitions, so remove all but 1 in all files
    5 Finish the packaging process (do not launch the applications again after modifying the files!)

    This created the package I could use on Terminal server 2003."
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