Neither explorer nor Picture and Fax viewer still don't read EXIF orientation RRS feed

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  • From JPEGs, naturally.
    It's definitely there since GIMP asks me about rotating the image.
    But the mentioned programs ignore that, as do all other Windows / Office provided ones (Paint, Media center, Office Picture Manager).

    Is there a hidden setting for enabling this maybe?
    26/صفر/1430 05:50 م

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  • Hi velis


    The Picture and Fax Viewer was removed from Windows 7. The Windows Picture Viewer is the default program in Windows 7 for viewing images. This program has no image editing capabilities.

    Many of the default programs, such as the Email client, Photo Gallery, Messenger, etc, were also removed in Windows 7 as part of the effort to reduce the installation footprint and give users more choice for the programs they wish to install and use. You can read an article from the Windows 7 Team about disk space usage in this article
    Engineering Windows 7 : Disk Space.

    The latest versions of these programs are still freely available and can be downloaded at the
    Windows Live Essentials website.

    This includes the Windows Live Photo Gallery which is the latest Microsoft image editing software.

    You can get more information about the capabilities and supported standards for this program at the
    Windows Live Photo & Video Blog.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank You for testing Windows 7 Beta

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
    26/صفر/1430 11:45 م
  • Even if you right-click > properties > details, they don't?
    Odd, mine do:
    screenie 1
    screenie 2
    I get the same thing either in Explorer, or in Picture & Fax Viewer.  Paint is, well, still Paint.
    As for Media Center, the best I can remember, earlier versions (Vista, MCE2k5, et. al.) couldn't display EXIF data, either.

    Or, are you expecting the EXIF data to show as a tooltip, rather than looking in Properties?

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    26/صفر/1430 11:53 م
  • He really means that these applications are not properly rotating the image for viewing even though they have valid EXIM rotation information in them.
    27/صفر/1430 11:28 ص
  • Yes, this is what I mean. EXIF info is shown in properties, no rotation is implemented even if it's included.

    Ronnie, sorry for misnaming the Picture viewer. However, like I said, all the mentioned programs ignore the rotation info. I did not download any additional programs from live essentials. I have tried just the Win7 + Office2007 provided ones.
    27/صفر/1430 07:16 م
  • I was trying the Media Center and really annoyed when it failed to display the picture in proper orientation when EXIF orientation information is present. None of MS app works while almost every other picture app does it well. What's wrong with Microsoft?
    07/رجب/1431 08:25 م