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    This is something I've been trying to do for quite a while now. I've found no definitive answer having seen other similar questions asked. One example here -

    Although we are using Lync this isn't relevant to this particular question. What I'd like to achieve is click-to-dial links in SharePoint using the format "tel:+447825555123". This works perfectly fine in regular HTML. When you try to add this as a link in SharePoint you get the following validation error:

    So I used SharePoint designer to create the hyperlink which worked fine as there isn't the same validation in place. Once the page was saved back I checked the underlying HTML and SharePoint strips the link out just leaving <a>+447825555123</a> instead of what is should be <a href="tel:+447825555123">+447825555123</a>. I tried setting the link by editing the HTML and SharePoint strips it just the same.

    Does anyone know a way around this? The best solution I think would be to edit the SharePoint validation so can add tel links through the regular edit option. I'm not sure how this is achieved though. This is in a SharePoint 2010 wiki btw.



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