Cant remove this retarded IE8


  • I go to the control panel to add and remove programs to try and remove this ____ because as soon as i installed it i am no longer able to open IE , i wish i never did the update , i redownloaded IE7.0 for xp pro 64bit but i cant install it because windows is to stupid to realize IE8 does not work and i get a error that says a newer version already exits and the install cannot continue . well when i try to remove the IE8 from add and remove programs i get a message saying " vgx.dll.000 on windows NT servicepack Uninstall Directory is needed   , Type the path where the file is located and then click OK . Well im sure i dont have this cause i have the origanal XP pro64bit and have done the SP2 update long ago . That is another stupid thing windows does is have you do updates but then you no longer can use your disk to help you or reinstall anything , i guess its another way for them to scam you into buying a new OS just for updated version .
      Any suggestions on how to get this IE8 that dont load off my PC ?????

     Thanks for any help !!!!!!!!
    08/صفر/1430 10:03 م


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