Migrating Exchange from SBS 2003 to Exchange 2010


  • Hi

    I have a SBS2003 environment in a wide area network of seven sites. One of these sites is at a hosted datacentre where there is a WS2008 R2 Standard VM with Exchange 2010 installed.

    When I look at the Exchange Management Console on the Exchange 2010 machine I can see all of the mailboxes under Recepient Configuration, and I can see all of the Distribution Groups and so on. Therefore I think I am now ready to complete the migration, but I am not quite sure of the final steps that I need to take. How do I switch all client machines over to use the new Exchange server? How do I check that mailflow doesnt stop and how do I decomission the SBS 2003 Exchange component without affecting its other roles?

    I look forward to some guidance.

    Thank you.

    Tony Harvey

    Tony Harvey

    23/صفر/1434 10:49 ص


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  • It would be the same as migrating to an internal server.

    So, can you create a test mailbox - connect outlook to it - then move it to the 2010 server.

    Outlook should attempt to connect to the 2003 and get redirected to the 2010 -and update the profile.

    If that is a success and you move all the mailboxes, it is then just a case of following standard 2003 Decommissioning instructions.

    You can remove Exchange from SBS 2003 but be warned, some of the key components of SBS rely on Exchange and are expected to be on the SBS.

    Robert Pearman SBS MVP | |

    24/صفر/1434 08:57 م
  • Hi Robert

    Thanks for your response. I have just tried to move a mailbox of a recently departed employee by using the 2003 Exchange Task Wizzard - Move Mailbox, but within the wizzard the "Mailbox Store:" dropdown is empty, so the next button remains greyed out. Does this mean that I have missed a step, and there is no mailbox store on the 2010 server (although there is one listed as healthy in the 2010 EMC) ?

    Ultimately I want to decomission the SBS 2003 server and migrate AD to the 2008 R2 server as the sbs box is rather aged. It sounds to me by your final sentance that this is not an easy thing to do.

    For the time being though I just want to get all of the SBS clients to use Exchange 2010.

    Do you have any other suggestions as to which steps I need to take to get this migration completed?

    Tony Harvey

    24/صفر/1434 10:05 م
  • Hi Tony,

    Are you using any migration documentation? 

    When migrating mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, the move mailbox command should be done via the Exchange 2010 Management Console. So go to Recipient Configuration, and right click the mailbox you want to move and choose New Local Move Request... and follow the wizard. 

    This SBS 2003 to Exchange 2010 migration document might be of some help:

    When a users mailbox is moved to the new Exchange server outlook will see the mailbox is moved and change the configuration automatic.

    Regards Ronny
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