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  • In a nutshell - no. Azure doesnt really have any concept of FTP - you can use Azure Storage to hold data and write a program that can upload data to blob storage or the tables or queues.

    For general FTP - see this attempt -

    If you are looking to simply connect to other FTP services - no reason why the standard FTPWebRequest/Response shouldn't work.

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  • Great thanks.  I am looking to setup an ftp client so the FTPWebRequest/Response should work fine.
    Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010 18:12
  • Did using FTP Request/Response work using Azure worked role? We are having issues with such a request.
    Sonntag, 4. September 2011 04:49
  • We also have issue with FTPWebRequest/Response from Azure instance to outside Ftp server.
    Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012 08:18
  • We set up a VM role and can FTP to and from just fine. You just need to set up the endpoints for FTP in the service definition if you want to FTP in. As for FTP out, I didn't think there were any restrictions on ports going out.

              <InputEndpoint name="FTP" protocol="tcp" port="21" localPort="21" />
              <InputEndpoint name="FTPPassive1" protocol="tcp" port="1024" localPort="1024" />
              <InputEndpoint name="FTPPassive2" protocol="tcp" port="1025" localPort="1025" />
              <InputEndpoint name="FTPPassive3" protocol="tcp" port="1026" localPort="1026" />
              <InputEndpoint name="FTPPassive4" protocol="tcp" port="1027" localPort="1027" />

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  • The full process to setup the FTP on a VM in azure is found here on this link. I got it working after the following key steps:

    1. Configure FTP on the server for passive support ( I did ports 1025-1028)
    2. On the actual FTP site, under FTP Firewall Settings add the Virtual IP of the server in the IP box
    3. Create Firewall Ruless for the port range above (  I did both in/out)
    4. Add the endpoints for the ports above - total of 4 in my case - in the Azure VM Configure option.
    5. User Passive mode to connect with your FTP client...

    Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013 20:49