I've imported PowerBI designer file. so why do I keep getting 'It looks like you haven't added any data to this dashboard' RRS feed

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  • This might be related to my post about not being able to enter a column name in the where clause, and Q&A always using COUNTRY_OF_ORIGIN.

    Anyway, I took my original designer file, removed the first page of the report I dd, then added a new page, but this time with a visualisation of sales amount by product name.  Saved the whole lot to a new pbix file, and uploaded it into the PowerBI cloud.  Pinned the visualsation to a dashboard, and started to enter a query.

    Up pops the message 'It looks like you haven't added any data to this dashboard' etc, etc.

    But, but, but I have uploaded the data. It's all in my pbix file. It seems that PowerBI usese the first column of my first dataset as the master for column names in the where clause. And if you do not have a visualisation that uses that column (i.e. COUNTRY_OF_ORIGIN in my case) then Q&A doesn't think it has a dataset.

    I am going to try some other tests to see if I can persuade PowerBI and Q&A to do its business properly.


    Wednesday, March 18, 2015 12:17 PM


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