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  • Hey Guys - 

    I'm writing a script which among other things monitors a specific share (including sub-folders) and when a change of any file is detected, it should copy the change to a 2nd share.  The issue I'm having during testing is when a change is detected of a file within a subfolder, it copies the changed file to the root of the target share - not the same folder it resided in on the source.

    Below is an example followed by my code.  I'm sure it's something like a simple parameter I'm leaving out, but been staring at it too long :)


    • Monitored Share: \\server1\files\
    • Target Share: \\server2\files\

    With script running - if the file test.txt changes (or is added) within \\server1\files\folder\, the changed file is copied into \\server2\files\ - not \\server2\files\folder\

    Current Script

    $sourceshare = "\\server1\files"

    $targetshare = "\\server2\files"

    $filter = '*.*'

    $fsw = New-Object IO.FileSystemWatcher $sourceshare, $filter -Property @{
     IncludeSubdirectories = $true
     NotifyFilter = [IO.NotifyFilters]'FileName, LastWrite'
    $onCreated = Register-ObjectEvent $fsw Changed -SourceIdentifier FileChanged -Action {
     $path = $Event.SourceEventArgs.FullPath
     $name = $Event.SourceEventArgs.Name
     $changeType = $Event.SourceEventArgs.ChangeType
     $timeStamp = $Event.TimeGenerated
     Copy-Item $path -Destination $targetshare -Force -Verbose

    Any suggestions?  Thanks!

    Ben K.

    Monday, November 18, 2019 9:42 PM

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  • Copy-Item $path -Destination \\server2\files


    Monday, November 18, 2019 9:48 PM
  • Best method:

    $onCreated = Register-ObjectEvent $fsw Changed -SourceIdentifier FileChanged -Action {
      Copy-Item $Event.SourceEventArgs.FullPath -Destination \\server2\files


    Monday, November 18, 2019 9:50 PM
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