Biztalk 2016 fails setting MQ message headers when using MS Client RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We are upgrading our integration platform to BizTalk 2016 (CU3) + HIS 2016 (CU2) and on the other side it will be MQ v9.

    MQ Servers are both v7.5 and v9 on separate machines than Biztalk and we are using MQSC adapter to communicate with MQ.

    MQ installations are on Windows and are used to communicate with MQ on z/OS too. Biztalk talks only to Mq on Win.

    We have experianced many issues with the BizTalk setup because we really want to not depend on third parity products.

    The Setup should be as siple as it is stated by Microsoft "BizTalk 2016 + HIS 2016 is all you need". But it was really hard to get throug all the hurdles.

    At last we got it to work witg MS Client with transactional support runing with x64 adapter host. Yay!

    After some testing we realized that our custom pipeline used to translate messages to EBCDIC and to set/propagate mq message headers is unable to do the work all the way.

    Message translation is OK but Mq message headers are not set when we look at the message in MQ.
    We are unable to set any kind of message header when using Ms Client, regardles transactional support or x64/x86 host runtime.

    The only working configuration for the moment is when we use a 32 bit host adapter and send port configured to not use transactional support nor MS Client.

    We have same behaviour regardless Mq version on the other side. Same message sent to both MQ machines gets the same information. That ensures the theory that it must be MS client related issu.

    Headers we ar trying to set:

    Format seems to be default and correct but trully not set by BizTalk.
    CorrelId get de value of 20 space chars regardles what is sent.

    Representation of the message when browsed in MQ is different from when sent without using MS Client but is OK when it gets to the MQ on z/Os.

    This is really strange and I really hope somebody has allready struggled with the same issue and ofcourse found the solution.

    I am really hopeful there is a guru who has the answer or a possible solution.

    Thursday, February 22, 2018 9:50 AM