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  • Hello,

    we are using Biztalk server 2016 CU6 with more than 300 FTP (not SFTP) receive locations all over the world.

    Some of these locations are constantly having a problem with picking the files. Files are being picked up normally for most of the time but sometimes it suddenly stops picking.

    • There is no error or warning in eventlog which might be related
    • when this last happened I had a logging active with last command LIST being sent to the server but got no answer
    • the location doesn't disable itself - it is still enabled
    • host instance serving this location is running
    • logfile for this location stops collecting when location stops picking
    • ftp servers are on internal network all over the world
    • disable and enable location helps and it starts to pick files again
    • maybe there were some network issues before location stopped working but I guess FTP adapter should be able to recover

    Do you have any clue what might be wrong here? We have no way to check every location if it is picking the data or not. We always got to know about the issue when the user notices it but it is too late.

    Thank you

    Friday, October 11, 2019 9:13 AM

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  • Are all of these FTP locations running on the same Host Instance?  What is the polling frequency?

    It is possible that you have too many FTP locations polling too frequently.  You can address this by having more host instances to carry the load, reducing the frequency or setting schedules on your receive locations so they only poll at certain times of the day.

    You might also want to have a look at this thread FTP Receive port not pulling files with no log and no error

    Sunday, October 13, 2019 9:53 PM
  • Hi Colin,

    yes they were running on same host instance and I just moved some receive locations to separate host. Polling frequency is 60s and it is needed to be polled so often because data from remote ftps have to be in central system asap.

    I also checked throttling scenario in BHM and there is no throttling

    Tuesday, October 15, 2019 8:46 AM
  • Also does your FTP Receive Location have a File Mask Set?

    We just came across an issue where the File Mask was not set, and it would pick up some files, but not others.

    Monday, October 21, 2019 10:01 PM
  • Yes, filemask is set as it should be and it is picking files correctly for most of the time. But sometimes it just suddenly stops until location or host is restarted. Please note that whole host is not stucked because other FTP locations on the same host are being served correctly.

    Friday, October 25, 2019 6:41 AM