Query doesn't allow me to use column names in where clause RRS feed

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  • My dataset consists of three joined tables.  One is quite large at 2.1GByte.  Regardless, whenever I enter a query in the Q&A engine insists on using one of the columns and will not allow me to enter anyother column. So I have a column call 'COUNTRY_OF_ORIGIN'. Also I have the product line number (LINE_NUM) and name (LONGNAME). I also have sales amounts. Here are some of the problems

    Say I want turkey sales.  So I simply enter turkey.  The query I get is 'Show turkey lines datum'.  However, what is displayed are the items where the COUNTRY_OF_ORIGIN is TURKEY.  Hmm.

    OK, so I now enter Show turkey sales where LONGNAME contains tureky.  Q&A comes up with this little gem 'Show TOTAL_SALES and LONGNAME where COUNTRY_OF_ORIGIN is turkey'   Huh?

    Whatever query I enter, Q&A insists on setting the where clause to 'WHERE COUNTRY_OF_ORIGIN is'

    When I set up the dataset, it had no particular indexes or keys or anything. I simply sucked in the data, changed a couple ot types to 'TEXT' (as PowerBI insists that anything that bears any resemblance to a number must be aggregated), formed the relationships, and that's it.

    The beastie is using data from the correct dataset.

    Any idea what is going on?

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015 11:39 AM


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