RTMP Rebroadcast using Windows Server RRS feed

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    My organization has a vendor (Ustream) who will be handling the recording and broadcasting of our quarterly meetings.  Ustream provides an HTTP site to access the feed and it works fine.  Due to concerns I cannot argue or control, I have been asked to take the feed and republish it using some tool within Windows Server 2008/12/16.  If the source originates internally then users do not have to traverse in and out of internal network to get the feed which *we assume* will cause bandwidth problems.  Previously, we used Windows Media Services on a 2008 Windows Server to publish an internal source feed to a few thousand users which was not ideal and had its issues.  My team and I do NOT specialize in live media broadcasting so this is out of our wheel house but we have been asked to accept the challenge.  Are there any suggestions as to what Microsoft product exists that I can publish an RTMP feed through Windows Server?  I have tried playing with Live Smooth Streaming but haven't gotten anywhere.  I should be able to use any URL that points to a video (i.e. Youtube) and republish it with this tool theoretically.  Any help would be appreciated while I continue to dig around with what I have.

    Friday, September 28, 2018 7:29 PM