How to simulate parameters in PowerBi Designer Preview RRS feed

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  • I am sorry, my product reads "Power BI Designer Preview", and I did not find the right forum for this product, so I chose the closest option. I am not sure if Power BI Dashboard Preview is the same thing or not. 

    But my current problem is like this. 

    In another product, Tableau, I have a formula that depends on PARAMETER. Let's say, simplified: 

    EstimatedSales = [Sales]*(1+[Growth Rate])

    [Growth Rate] is a PARAMETER. 

    Then, we plot sales in some type of diagram or table, and the software allows to put a slider or textbox on the dashboard, that permits to set the [Growth Rate]. 

    The user changes the [Growth Rate] and observes how [Estimated Sales] are changing. 

    Is it possible to achieve this effect in some way in PowerBI? With filters or some other way? 

    Tuesday, July 14, 2015 2:34 PM