IDEA/Suggestion: Surface Product LINE RRS feed

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  • (Not a question). I really wanted to get this out here somewhere..... OK.. so, forget the Courier, launch a product line based off of the Surface. Brand/Market surface like no other and launch the multi-touch screened: Surface Table, Surface Tablet, and the Surface Binder(as opposed to Courier). On top of that, make all of the products communicable so they can interact with eachother. Insert Microsoft into the tablet space and expand with the surface table, which could serve as the "home base" for all of the gadgets to charge and interact with. BOOM. That would send Microsoft soaring back into the lead tech company... of course until another tech company one ups them. Then the competition continues and we as consumers benefit from this amazing TECH!!! Anyways just an idea.
    Friday, July 30, 2010 6:35 AM