how to arrange the order and schedule of a master runbooks RRS feed

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  • I have a parent runbook that needs to call several child runbooks. There is data dependencies and also some child runbooks only need to run certain times of the year. How should I arrange this:

    I set this job to run at 12:00 am M-F.  If the time confirms the schedule, runbook 1 will be run,  questions below how to handle following scenario:

    1. runbook2 will run for about 3 hours, but sometimes it runs over 5 hours, we don't want it and following steps to run if the time past 4:00 am. so how to set its start hour not past 4:00 am.

    2. Runbook 3 is a process we run only  during days between Feb and April, the date may change yearly, but between Feb and April. 

    3. Runbook 4 and 5 depends on the data of Runbook 3 during it runs, so it has to run after Runbook 3, but all other days, it should be running under runbook 2. this is the hard one.

    4. Runbook 6 and runbook 7 only run during a couple of weeks in July. The data also depends on Runbook 2.



    Thursday, September 5, 2019 5:06 PM

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  • You could put a Monitor Date/Time step on the others keeping to the schedules that you have.
    If ones are due to over run then you can set the invoke runbook steps to just start right away or if needed to wait until the other is finished.

    Maybe even put some conditions on the links as well as a Monitor Date/Time step to add some extra conditions to see if the invoke runbook step is still in progress

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    Tuesday, September 10, 2019 5:32 PM