Creating an OData-Connection to my projectserver/metadata, to RW the TimephasedData that is created by reporting. RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    first i have to say, i am developing in C# and i i don't want to switch.

    So far i worked with the CSOM-Objects to R/W the data. Problem is, that my project i am working on, is not an EnterpriseProject and i want to modify/read the AssignmentTimephasedData.
    Which i managed to queue now, but it takes  forever. I want to access the Workhours per Day/Week per Resource on a Task in a checked out project.


    So now i have to queue --> ProjectContext --> DraftProject -->DraftTaks (  save the task i am working on in a DataTable) --> DraftAssignments --> in there i queue for the Resources on my current task (save the Resource to the Task in a second DataTable)  --> merge both DataTables and show the TreelList. This is where i am now with my Form.

    What i managed to do further and show in CommandlLine:

    --> for each resource i get the EnterpriseResource --> with Timphase and Assignments i get to the StatusAssignment where i can find the Workhours per Day/Week.

    Thats a lot of Data i have to handle/queue trough at this point, which makes it pretty much impossible to save in DataTable(s) and show all of it in a WPF, which would be my ultimate goal. I tried to queue for the TimphasedData, but after i viewed it in Excel(where the programm queues the OData^^) there are around 6000 entries. Queueing and saving all of that with CSOM seems near impossible.

    What i want:

    My Solution would have been, to create an OData Client to queue for the desired Data through the  PWA/_api/ProjectData/$metadata  -->show the Data in my Form --> then if the WorkingHour per Day/Week per Resource per Task is edited in the form, i can get all the information needed from an event Handler --> now i know  Day/Week, Resource, Task without queueing like i do currently --> then i can access the Data over the CSOM, write what was entered in the form and be done with it.

    So finally here are my questions:


    Is that solution viable. Anybody got a good tutorial/suggestion how to get the desired information via OData?

    Maybe my current solution is viable, and i am just missing something how to optimize it. At this point i save the Task & Resource, in a DataTable and show the correspondence "Resources working on Tasks" in a Treelist.

    Sorry for the wall of text but i tried to explain my problem as clear as possible. :)

    Maybe and hopefully someone can help me.

    Greetings, Chris 

    Wednesday, July 31, 2019 7:15 AM