Are there any reporting/analysis tools for ISA Server that actually work? RRS feed

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  • As subject.  All I want is something that gives me some basic usage reports so I can see which users are using the most traffic and at what times.


    I've tried both Internet Access Monitor and ProxyInspector and both are frankly hopeless.  Targetting the same log files, they both give me wildly different results so I have no idea which to trust, plus you just can't see the wood for the trees, with rediculously over-detailed breakdowns filled with IP addresses and "unknown" content types.  I need to see simple things like how much traffic each user incurred at youtube.com, yet I can't even do this, with Internet Access Monitor giving me a raft of separate xyz.youtube.com hosts rather than allowing me to group under the TLD.

    I'm exasperated by this.  I'm stunned that such an enterprise level product from MS has no such simple reporting or analysis built-in and the third party products are all next to useless.  Isn't there anything out there that can just produce some simple breakdowns by site/user/hour to show me who's doing what?

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 2:00 PM


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