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    I am in the middle of configuring an Unified Communications demo and have hit a problem with configuring the AudioCodes MP118 devices I have purchased.


    The demo will run between 2 rooms. Mainly so people can have a play around with the technology and see what uses it has. In both rooms there will be a client PC (with Communicator), a switch, a VOIP gateway (MP118) and a telephone (numbers 1002 & 2002). The servers are in a separate location.


    The gateway IP addresses are as follows;

    Room 1 gateway -

    Room 2 gateway -


    My issue is this; If I try to call the physical telephone from room 1 to room 2 then it cannot find a route.


    I have put an entry in the "Tel To IP" table on the Room 1 gateway stating -

    Dest       Source            IP

    1002       2002      (the gateway in other room)


    I was under the impression that the device would route the call over the network to the other gateway, which would then find the extension locally.


    Have I missed something obvious here? Or, am I approaching this in the wrong way?


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Friday, November 14, 2008 8:58 AM