Office Communicator - Call disconnected RRS feed

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    When performing a call with two people on the same network (for example) 2 clients on my home network connected to our corporate instance of Office Communication Server Std Ed using Office Communicator 2007 I can perform a PC to PC call. 



    • Windows Server 2003
    • OCS 2007 Std Edition (single server deployment)

    I am using manual client configuration (I do not have my DNS in house and the ISP does not support SRV records).  DNS is coming back in house today.  The clients are connecting to server FQDN using TLS.



    Location scenarios

    I have tested this on two different networks with 4 different clients/logins  At home 1 I had my laptop and desktop (my desktop is not domain joined) and I was able to establish a PC to PC voice and video session.  At another employee home, we had two other co-workers who could connect just fine. 


    At no time none of scenarios where connected to the corporate network directly or via VPN, just your everyday cable modem setup over home wireless networking.


    When we tried across the internet to each other OC rings and when one party picks up after 10-20 seconds the call disconnects. 


    Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot or fix?

    Saturday, November 29, 2008 7:35 PM