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  • I am using BizTalk 2013R2 and using BTDF tool for automated deployment.
    My team is using Octopus for deployment.

    Please help me understand, is Octopus on top of BTDF ?
    How can I use this Octopus tool for automated deployment along with BTDF

    Please advise


    Tuesday, January 7, 2020 4:59 AM

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  • Yes, you would use Octopus to copy and execute the MSI created with BTDF on a build server or Microsoft DevOps for later version of BizTalk

    BizTalk Server: Continuous deployment of Applications built using BTDF and Octopus deploy

    Tuesday, January 7, 2020 8:10 PM
  • There is more than way do this but sharing the approach we have. I'll explain what the existing build process needs before explaining the parts specific to Octopus deploy.

    Assuming there is a build process that output's the BTDF .Msi (Jenkins, TeamCity, Scripts in TFS etc.). In our case we use TeamCity.

    The end of the build process after the btdf .msi is produced ...

    • Package the build output (which has the btdf .msi) using Octopack.
    • Publish the Octopack package to Octopus' built in repository
    • Create a release in Octopus 
    • (Optionally) Invoke the deployment (CI). This can be view as part of the build in the sense the deployment is tested and feedback given back to the build process to have it fail if the deployment fails. 

    On Octopus side there would be project that does the deployment. It would have generally the following steps ...

    • (Optional) kill instances, disable receives, etc.
    • BTDF Undeploy (The btdf "first server" )
    • BTDF Undeploy (The rest of the server targets)
    • Uninstall .msi (All servers)
    • Install .msi (All servers)
    • BTDF Deploy (All server targets exception the btdf "last server")
    • BTDF Deploy (The btdf "last server")
    • (Optional) Modify tracking specific to environment
    • (Optional) Restart instances specific to Application
    • (Optional) Start application

    The steps would be done abstractly in "Step Templates" (referencing "Script Modules") and leveraging variable libraries and tags to manage options for the different option. It's all Powershell in the steps and there are lots of examples out there.

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