Use of VS and multiple class and feature


  • Hi

    I have a general question about VS. i've created a project for my timer job that contains a class (.aspx) and a feature.

    I now need to create another timer job and wondering if I can use the same project.

    If I deploy the original solution in the project will my new timer also be deployed ?

    Do i create a new solution in the origianl project to house my new timer job in ?

    Hope that makes sense :)

    14. června 2012 14:58


  • Howdy,

    Are you sure you have a .aspx page for your timer job?  A class files extension is .cs.  That being said, you can have multiple projects in one VS solution.  Each project in a VS solution can build a separate SharePoint solution package (.wsp).

    Hope this helps,
    Eric Halsey

    14. června 2012 19:30