Dynamic table and column in ssis


  • How to pass the dynamic source table name,destination table name and related column name's from master configuration table ? 

    or Dynamically pick the table name and column name from master table.. is it possible ?

    čtvrtek 17. května 2018 9:36

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  • Hi there,

    I guess you would store the schema of the dynamic table in the configuration which is table based and read from it using Execute SQL Command and assign the result to a package variable that then in turn would be used in another Execute SQL Task to generate the table.




    čtvrtek 17. května 2018 13:26
  • You can use a Execute SQL tasks for this

    1. In SQL task use a query to get table column names

    2. Store the resultset in a object variable created in ssis 

    3. have a for each loop based on ADO enumerator and map to the variable

    4. inside loop have variables to retrieve table name and column name. Then you can use table and column names according to your requirement

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    čtvrtek 17. května 2018 15:32