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  • Hello, Dobry den

    I would like to repartition my 250GB DISC with OEM XP Pro on Lenovo TP R500, to be able to create more disc spaces and install dual-boot with other system:
    I had an issue with partitioning C:\ with all: windows native sw, PageDefrag and PerfectDisc.

    First, there was something in the middle of the 250GB disc (otherwise almost empty), probably pagefile.sys and hyberfil.sys, which disappeared after stopping hibernation and paging options and doing PerfectDisc offline (reboot) defrag and afterwards online "Consolidate Space" option. What is the logic/mechanism of putting these files in the middle of the almost empty disc?

    The only remaining thing are some 2 grey-box metadata, that are remaining in the middle of the disc. Cannot move them to the front of the disc (towards other data), I don't know what they are. I tried a few defrags online/offline, consolidation, with Avast AV off, no help. Windows/PageDefrag show nothing remaining in the middle of disc (as they showed previously with pagefile/hyberfil), only PerfectDisc sees these metadata.
    Any suggestions please? I heard an advice to repartition disc without worries, that these metadata are disc indexing files, that will be moved together with reducing C:/ disc space in GParted, but I don't want to overwrite something important.

    Later, if I'll be able to repartition, I haven't found any relevant experince with EISA partition, that was preinstalled on Laptop, takes 16% of disc - just that it is inaccessible recovery partition. In fact, I don't want to delete it (because I didn't receive XP CDs, it was just preinstalled), just need to know, if I need to keep 1of4 primary partitions reserved for it. (if I want to create other ones).

    Thank you for help
    úterý 11. srpna 2009 14:54


  • 3) If you don't have XP CD you better keep this partition. Or check with Lenovo if it can be ANY partition (such as logical drive on extended partition used by EFI and identified by volume label)

    2) have you tried to tweak MFT with fsutil.exe?

    3) Personally I favor free 3rd party utilities such as gparted for resizing / repartitioning


    P.S. CZECH is lingua franca here

    úterý 11. srpna 2009 16:59