Hyper-V 2016: Unable to expand VHDX in windows 2016 cluster and while powering down VM, it gets stuck in stopping state

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  • Hello, 

    I am experiencing an ongoing issue with Hyper-V 2016, when I try to expand a VHDX via Failover Cluster Manager or Hyper-V Manager the expansion does not complete. Furthermore, when I attempt to stop the virtual machine the machine hangs at stopping and becomes unmanageable, this is happening on Hyper-V 2016 and the virtual machine is running Windows Server 2016

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with Hyper-V 2016?


    pondělí 19. června 2017 18:29

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  • Have the same issue!

    It ocured on cluster AND on standalone hyper-v server!

    Looks like a bug?!

    úterý 22. srpna 2017 17:52
  • Any update on your issue?

    We have an open premier case with M$, but at this time we are still in the same place


    úterý 17. října 2017 16:50
  • Yep can confirm this too for HV-Cluster 2016 - but at this time only if the running vm is also SRV 2016 !

    After two days it locks down the cluster - pay attention guys!!!

    work around in my case is to do it offline aka power down!


    WORKAROUND / 1st Aid

    If you expand the vhdx and the process never finish, DONT STOP IT !!! Leave it as it is, evacuate the Node and just reboot it - otherwise your cluster locks down like mine did and u have to reboot the whole cluster, forced with pstools!

    After reboot you should be able to expand it (in my case it doesn´t matter if the machine is running or not!)

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    čtvrtek 26. října 2017 15:52
  • Hi, guys!

    We got same issue (Windows Server 2016 Cluster and standalone, VMs with 2012 R2 guest). Is there any news?

    Btw what backup software you are using? Does it use CBT/RCT? And what size of VHD you are expanding (more than 2 TB)?

    úterý 13. března 2018 11:05
  • Yep, I'm getting the same issue here on a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V cluster.  

    Most of the time the disk expansion operations work fine.  I've done a total of about 15 operations so far and on 3 occasions it has locked up.  After you hit finish on the Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard, the progress bar never advances even after waiting 24+ hours.  As others have said, the only fix seems to be to reboot the host.  

    středa 13. června 2018 15:29
  • Folks, 

    We finally were able to reproduce the issue with Microsoft and have THE solution. We tested the patch included in the July 2018 roll-update and can confirm the patch resolved the issue. 

    Here are the details from Microsoft:

    JULY UPDATE, Windows Server 2016

     Addresses an issue that may cause the expansion process of VM disks that are running with RCT enabled to stop responding and never complete. VMs disks that are not expanded still migrate. However, cancelling the expansion would cause the host to become unmanageable as follows:

    • Can’t migrate VMs.
    • Can’t expand other disks.
    • VMs will be trapped in a stopping or starting state if you try to shut down or start them after the disk expansion has become unresponsive.

    Microsoft KB: KB4338822

    Hope this HELPS folks!

    středa 25. července 2018 16:30
  • Hi guys, 

    Was this issue related to Failover Cluster only or Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V role in general?

    This started to happen on my Windows Server 2016 Failover Cluster when I tried to extend a disk. 

    I moved it to a standalone Windows Server 2016 server with Hyper-V role. 

    If I retry to extend that disk is there any chance the process of extending get stuck again? 

    Thank you.

    sobota 16. března 2019 4:32