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  • Zdravím,

    začal jsem se připravovat na zkooušku 70-411. Nyní procházím WDS tedy Windows Deployment Services. 

    Mohl by mi prosím někdo stručně vysvětlit k čemu slouží tzv. "Add Prestaged Device Wizard" ? 


    pátek 9. ledna 2015 18:43


  • Pokud byste hledal dal, nasel byste pekne vysvetleni. Treba zde:

    Pre-staging computers makes them known to WDS, one of its strongest security features. My favorite security setting is to set the PXE response to Respond to all Known and Unknown Computers, but administrative approval must be given for unknown computers. The new Add Prestaged Device Wizard, which Figure 3 shows, lets you set from which server the PXE client will PXE boot and retrieve its PXE prompt policy. You might be wondering what a PXE prompt policy is and what it does; I certainly did. A PXE prompt policy defines what happens after a network boot is initiated -- settings such as whether someone needs to press F12 to continue the PXE boot process, whether client machines automatically PXE boot unless Esc is pressed, or whether to boot a custom PXE network boot program


    pátek 9. ledna 2015 21:09