Windows 7 Home Primium from English to Spanish


  • I bought I Laptop Windows 7 64bit Home Premium English vesion. I want to send it to my country in can I change the language menu. I mean how can I convert it to Spanish Windows 7. Can I? or I have to buy An Spanish W7 version. and if I have to how much is it about? or is just a matter of buying the language pack or what ever they call it............any advise?? Thank you


    4. července 2011 18:38


  • Hi Storvo


    The license of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OEM can’t change the language the unique product with this option Multilanguage avaliable is Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate this product can change the interface and language. In this case the costumer must buy a new license in box or FPP Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate in Spanish or Microsoft Windows 7 Home premium in a same language.



    Cesar Benavides
    5. července 2011 14:30