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  • Good day,

    yesterday, all the features of Office 365 worked normally for me, but today all the programs in Office 365 stopped working.

    When I run any program, such as Excel, Word, etc., a message will always appear on the attached photo. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Office 365, restart the PC several times, turn off the antivirus, update the computer in Windows Update, but nothing works and the same message appears every time. Normally, after installing Office 365, all the programs in this package will be added to the bottom bar, but this did not happen after uninstalling and reinstalling. Excel, Word, etc. must be found on the computer on the disk and to open the program is not enough to just double-click or press Enter, but the program must run as an administrator and then an error message will appear in the photo.  (windows cannot find the item)

    I also tried a Microsoft troubleshooting guide but also unsuccessfully. A quick fix or online fix will not help.
    středa 10. června 2020 13:56

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