LaCie External Hard Drive: I am lost on what to do with it now.


  • Hi, 

    I just bought this wonderful device online and it worked great with backing up 246 GB worth of important data off of my old computer until last night where I decided it would be a good idea to create a Recovery Drive with it.  It asked me if I wanted to use my D: Lacie or my E: Lacie Share.  I stored old computer stuff on Lacie and stuff for a friend on Lacie Share temporarily, but little did I know that when I was going to just temporarily create a Recovery Drive (as I never done that sort of thing before) that I would delete everything on my drive and my computer didn't even let me do it as it required a USB Flash Drive.

    I am wondering exactly how to reformat my drive so I could use it again for storing files and sharing when necessary like I did before as it is supposed to have 1TB capability and now it is only showing use as a Recovery Drive (even though my computer did not let me create one with it) and with a capability of only 32 GBs.  It is already bad enough I got to worry about whether my files are in a System Restore on my old computer as I deleted them as I moved them the other day.

    Can someone please write me back?  I prefer it through my email, but I guess it has to be in the forum...

    pondělí 16. dubna 2018 22:41

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