Windows 7 MSIE 11 cannot change search provider RRS feed

  • Dotaz

  • Hello, I would need your help.

    There is new HP notebook with new Windows 7 installation and Windows Update completed.

    The default search provider is Bing, that is unusefull in our country, so I need to change it.
    But unfortunately I am not able to do it by usual way.

    I went to Manage addons and clicked to Find another search provider.
    I chosse e.g. or google and click Add to Internet Explorer.
    Now new warning dialog window is open: Internet Explorer - Search provider could not be installed: Possible reasons: Required file cannot be downloaded, web is not accesible, you are not connected to internet.

    I can of course browse internet and I cannot imagine that different popular search engines are unaccesible for same days.

    I would be glad for any help


    pátek 23. ledna 2015 8:38


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