Column Missing in Exported List in Datasheet.


  • Hi,

    I have a SharePoint Wiki Library in my Site.

    Its default View is All Item
     Visible Columns
       - Type
       - Name
       - Modified By
       - Modified
       - Created By
       - Created
       - Group (Custom Column)

    Then I exported it to Spreadsheet (Action>Export to SpreadSheet).
    But in the Exported File (.iqy) Column Modified is missing.
    Then I use a different view that also shows Modified Column then Export it to Spreadsheet. I got the same result, no Modified Column in the exported file.
    I also check the DataSheet view, Modified Column is not available even if the Column

    Can anyone please explain why Modified Column is not included in the Spreadsheet... Does it got something to do with the Modified Column being not editable by the user?

    And how can I add Modified Column in the Spreadsheet.

    Thank you very much... ^_^

    • Přesunutý Mike Walsh FIN 13. února 2012 9:36 Nothing to do with programming. Also as a Wiki q it goes to Social Computing (From:SharePoint - Development and Programming (pre-SharePoint 2010))
    13. února 2012 9:31


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  • Hi Check'on'it,

    You can create a Calculated column to equal Modified column in your Wiki Library, then you can export this wiki library to Spreadsheet (.iqy) using "Export to SpreadSheet", then you can find both the Modified and Calculated columns there.


    Daniel Yang

    TechNet Community Support

    15. února 2012 3:39
  • Yup! did it...
    works for a while...

    But when the crawl starts the value in the calculated column.. was not equal to Modified Column..

    I'm thinking of doing it via custom code...
    I'll create an event handler that will set the value of a single line of text column upon Edit(Updated) and adding (Added).

    But how can I hide the column on wiki library?
    I used to hide column in Document Library by Content type but wiki library doesn't have that... can you please give me an idea on how to hide a Column in Wiki Library.

    15. února 2012 6:58
  • Hi Check'on'it,

    If you only want to get the Modified column value, you can also use Workflow (e.g. Update List Item) to copy value to a new column and export to SpreadSheet.

    If you didn't want to display the custom columns in all wiki pages, you can modify the wkpstd.aspx under 12 Hive (also affect all wiki libraries), you MUST backup the original wkpstd.aspx file before modification, refer to details,

    Or some other ways (e.g. program, powershell, etc.) mentioned in below article,


    Daniel Yang

    TechNet Community Support

    16. února 2012 3:36