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  • Can someone please show with steps on how to create SSIS package that copies files and folders from SharePoint document library to File Share. I am new to SSIS.
    pátek 8. června 2018 16:40

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  • Take the physical path of the sharepoint folder where you have your files and this path when  you put in the windows explorer and browse those files and folders 

    And take that path and use it in the packages

    Your package will run through VS when put it in the Sql agent job you might need to go with more permissions and proxy account setting to run it.

    mohammad waheed

    pátek 8. června 2018 17:10
  • Can you show me how you would run this in BIDS?
    pátek 8. června 2018 17:27
  • Use a Foreach loop container

    --> double click the container, a window pops up

    -->Goto Collection

    Make sure Enumerator is "Foreach file Enumerator"

    Folder is the path of the folder from sharepoint(Make sure this path is working from windows explorer)

    Files, What ever files you want to move for example if you want all csv files then in Files field put *.csv

    --> select fully qualified 

    --> Variable Mapping  select the variable which should store this file path (You need to create a variable From Top menu option SSIS tab--> Variables

    Once you store the path of every file into the variable you created then add a data flow task to this ForEach loop container

    And use the source if it is flat file then flat file connection manager

    and right click it and goto expressions and add the variable which is holding the file path

    then do rest of the processing according to your requirements.

    mohammad waheed

    pátek 8. června 2018 18:29
  • Thank you for the answer Mohammad,

    It is working now, but it is not copying the folders. On the Foreach Loop Editor, under collection where you specify files, i have put *.* for all files. I guess i have to put something for folders as well.

    středa 13. června 2018 20:55
  • Hi Bright Light1,

    Glad to hear you resolved the issue.


    Pirlo Zhang 

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