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  • Hi all, I have several question regarding Deploy to VHD, please bare with me.

    1.   Can we deploy a VHD to an already operational PC?  Meaning, can I deploy a VHD image to a machine without formatting and losing the operating system already installed on the machine?

    2.  Can I deploy a VHD to a machine without adding it to the boot menu, ie, specifically for use with a Virtual Machine Manager?

    3.  Can I deploy an already created VHD to a machine without creating a new one?  How would I go about doing this, would I disable the 'Install OS' step further down the TS?

    4.  Is it possible to deploy an already created VHD to a machine, much the same as question 3, AND also install an OS to the base machine within the same TS?  Effectively giving me the option to boot from newly installed OS or from the newly deployed VHD.

    As MDT 2012 is fairly new, I couldn't find much on this topic.  I did find the following which was helpful, but I was confused when he shows a screen shot of the TS and the Create VHD Disk step is different from what I see.  A lot of the options are different, I think it's because he is running Beta and I am now running RC1.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  The ability to deploy VHD's would make my life so much easier and I really want to get this working, as I am sure plenty of you do too!!



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  • 1. Yes

    2. Yes, you can add a VHD without adding to the boot menu... but you will have to explain more about your VMM integration question

    3. Yes, and you need to customize the task sequence

    4. Yes, but you need to customize the task sequence (much).

    / Johan

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  • OK, thanks for the response.  Can you give me a little more feedback though, or at least point me in the direction of some documentation/how to guides?

    21. března 2012 13:45
  • I'm sorry, but I haven't seen any good guides explaining the detailed steps for what you want to do...

    The Windows AIK docs is pretty good in explaing the manual process, and then you can compare with the scripts from MDT.

    For example, for your first question. A good starting point would be to do the following:

    1. Deploy a standard client task sequence to a virtual machine.

    2. Create a snapshot of the vm

    3. Create a custom task sequence that deploys your VHD to it and configure the boot loader for dual boot. You can "steal" som ideas from the VHD task sequences.

    4. run your custom task sequence on the vm. If it doesnt work, troubleshoot the issue, revert the vm, try again

    / Johan

    Regards / Johan Arwidmark Twitter: @jarwidmark Blog: FB:

    22. března 2012 0:18
  • Yeah looks like it's gonna be a trial and error process until I can get something working or find someone who has got it working already!

    Thanks for you help, Johan.  I've used your blog as a guide many times last summer when I first starting using MDT and it helped a lot.  To be honest I was kinda hoping that you'd have some guides up that may cover these topics! 

    22. března 2012 8:48
  • I managed to deploy an existing VHD to a host machine in conjunction with rolling out the host OS.  I wrote about it on my blog, here.  Thanks for the pointers, Johan!
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  • Well done! and thanks for posting the solution.

    / Johan

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  • I created a video on MDT 2012 and VHD, come check it out here:
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