change the destination RRS feed

  • Dotaz

  • Hi. I would like to know if is it possible to move the BPOS to another destination/country? Company leaves one country and is moving to another. They use BPOS just 4month...

    The question is - is it possible just simply move the BPOS? Or cancel and create new one? Or we must pay 12months the old BPOS and parallely use new one?

    Thank you for any help



    • Přesunutý KazzanMVP, Owner středa 1. června 2011 1:02 Správná kategorie (Od:Mobilní zařízení)
    neděle 20. června 2010 21:49


  • Čau, tady můžeš psát i česky..


    BPOS is not bounded to one country. You can use your BPOS in every country in World. Microsoft have datacenters in USA, Ireland and Singapore. Also write to BSOP and ask, if they are able to change your registration country.

    pondělí 21. června 2010 6:54