raw file to stored procedure


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    In server1, stored procedure (SP1) produces a resultset
    exec sp1;
    In server2, stored procedure (SP2) accepts a TableType
    exec sp2 @TableType

    Trying to create a ssis package so that SP2 is executed with the input of TableType
    from the resultset of SP1

    I do not want to use linked servers. so I am thinking of something like the following:
    start the ssis package with a dataflow task with oledb command to execute sp1.
    In the same dataflow, have a raw file destination to place in it the result of sp1.
    In control flow, have a execute sql task to execute sp2.

    Question, how do I pass the raw file data into sp2?

    Thank you

    čtvrtek 12. července 2018 8:40

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