custom logging activity move from development to production server



    i have created a custom logging activity in devlopment server after built it is working fine log is created in test file. now i want to move this activity in production which file i have to move and  which loctaion in production server. because in production there is no visul studio  software instlled.

    please help me.



    5. března 2012 6:09


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  • I think you just have to import your dll into the GAC on your production server. If you don't have to re-sign it, every information you need can be retrieved in the GAC.

    You just have to go through the same steps and everything sould work fine. (MPR to allow you to create AIC, create your AIC for which your activity token can be retrieved via gacutil, be sure your activity is allowed to write logs wherever you want to store them, apply your AIC in your workflows).

    The only problem I can imagine would be with the dependencies of your project if you have any, but in most of the cases, you get them from your FIM folder.

    Good luck.


    5. března 2012 9:05
  • Consider adding a Visual Studio Installer project to your VS.Net solution, configuring this to install your assemblies into the GAC, and then use the generated MSI to deploy in each environment.  This is what I do myself, and it ensures that you will get consistent results with each update ... not only that but you will see what version is installed under the control panel's "Uninstall Program" menu.

    Bob Bradley (FIMBob @ ... now using Event Broker 3.0 @ for just-in-time delivery of FIM 2010 policy via the sync engine

    6. března 2012 13:29