Cannot view Retention Policy for Outlook 2010 Notes Folder


  • We cannot see what the effective policy for the Notes folder in Outlook is. We're using the Default Policy Tag so Notes are included by default. When we look at the Properties of InBox, Deleted Items other mail folders, we see the Policy tab. Looking at the Notes Properties, there's no Policy tab. Is there another way to see the effective policy for Notes?

    Orange County District Attorney

    22. února 2012 17:24


  • Hi Sandy,

    Yes, Per my knowledge, you cannot see the effective policy for Notes in Outlook, you can use OWA to see the effective policy for Notes.

    Go to OWA, right-click the folder, click Retention Policy, then you will see the effective policy is chosen.


    Evan Liu

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    23. února 2012 6:14

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