usb does not work

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  • Hi Robert..

    you have not mentioned  usb stopped for your laptop or desktop..There are many reasons for malfunction or not functioning the usb port..

    if you are facing  usb port issue  on your desktop..try on another usb default  usb poerts on front of cpu are connected via cables on mother board, you might check the usb cable connections.

    Also go to device manager and run scan for hardware changes and install usb drivers if required. 

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    sobota 5. května 2018 3:36
  • You must be more specific about which port, or ports, stopped working.

    If it is one of the USB 2 ports on the system motherboard, it could be the system driver needs to be updated/reinstalled or it could be a failure of the USB chip.

    If it is a USB 3 port it could be the USB 3 driver needs to be reinstalled/updated or it could be a failure of the USB 3 chip.

    If we were psychics or had crystal balls we could tell you exactly what is wrong without the need for specific situation information. 

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    sobota 5. května 2018 16:18
  • Hi,

    Is there any change before this issue?

    If yes, please revert back the changes to see the results.

    Did all USB device plug in the USB port can’t work?

    Please try to take following steps to disable and re-enable the USB controllers

    1. Type devmgmt.msc in search box, then press Enter. Device Manager opens.

    2. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers

    3. Right click the first USB controller under Universal Serial Bus controllers, and then click Uninstall to remove it.

    4. Repeat step 3 for each USB controller that is listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers.

     Note: Restart the computer. After the computer starts, Windows will automatically scan for hardware changes and reinstall all the USB controllers that you uninstalled.

    Here is a link may help you solve the problem.

    USB port may stop working after you remove or insert a USB device:


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    pondělí 7. května 2018 7:22
  • Hi, 

    How’s everything going? Please feel free to give me any update.

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    čtvrtek 10. května 2018 6:02