Disk management from Win10 to Hyper-V 2016 access rights


  • So I don't want this to be a re-hash of the same old threads I've been scouring over the last several hours.

    I have a spanking new install of Hyper-V server, managed remotely by a Win10 box.  Both are non-domain joined.  I can manage Hyper-V without issue.  I can RDP without issue.  I can get to nearly everything else without issue.  FWs are disabled on both client and server to simplify this.  The issue is I cannot get to the disk manager as I have the "You do not have access rights to the Logical Disk Manager on <server-name>. 

    I've seen reference to the only way to get access to this is pop the server onto a domain.  Don't want to do that.  Don't need to.  This is a home setup and have no interest in creating a domain.

    I have an Areca 1882 configured for JBOD and am trying to get these disks seen by not only the server, but the VMs as well, but everything I see references to accessing them via disk manager, which I can't do. 

    So, given I've got just about everything security related disabled, why does this particular error persist?

    sobota 12. května 2018 15:50

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