sbs 2011 migration - adding server alias issues


  • Hi

    Have completed an sbs 2003 to sbs 2011 without too many issues. However one of the issues we are trying to eliminate at the moment is the fact that a lot of the existing documenst have embeded unc paths in them. The easiste way we thought to get araound this till we managed to chnage all the links is that we give the new server an alias of the old server. So what we have done is remove ALL instances of oldserver from AD and DNS. Add a cname of oldserver pointing to newserver. This worked for vista and win 7 clients but not XP. So we additionally added spn records using the format

    setspn -a host/oldserver newserver

    setspn -a host/oldserver.fqdn newserver

    And this works for aperiod but for whatever reason the spn records we add *seem* to get deleted/removed after a period of time. Can anybody help ?

    Additionally we have added a kegkey DisableStrictNameChecking” and set value to one as per Microsoft KB 281308,
    4. března 2012 10:01