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  • Windows Server:
    WDS Server:
    iSCSI Target:
    DHCP Server:
    DHCP Interface: -
    DNS Server:

    DHCP Reservation on a client computer with a MAC address:

    DHCP Option:
    003 Router:
    006 DNS:
    015 prague.local
    066 wds.prague.local
    067 \Boot\x64\
    017 Root Path:

    The client computer has a 32GB HDD capacity.

    Windows Server has iSCSI Target running and I've tried to create 64 GB iSCSI drives for the client computer. The client computer has the iSCSI initiator running and it all works smoothly. They show 32GB and 64GB hard drives.

    I would like to clarify why the client computer only shows 32 GB of HDD when booting a new Windows operating system. Why it can not load iSCSI hard drives running Windows Server at the IP address when reinstalling Windows. I have tried many options and can not. I would like to install the Windows 10 operating system directly on the 64GB iSCSI disk and I do not want to 32GB.

    Please explain.

    středa 6. února 2019 18:51

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  • Zdavim do Brna.

    Prosim pis cesky sem, nebo anglicky do anglických for.

    Jaky iSCSI adapter je v klientu? Podporuje bootovani, je Win10 kompatbilni a mas odpovidajici divery? Nebo chces iSCSI / iBFT emulovat pres PXE boot?


    čtvrtek 7. února 2019 8:03