After creators update, cant use mobile measuring devices


  • Hello community

    I have a problem with industrial devices that are built on WIN CE 5.2 and 6.0.

    After the last update 1703, Win 10 not alow using  the Windows Mobile Device Center and the device driver.

    According to the manufacturer's info, nothing to do with it and it's a mistake on the microsoft side :-)

    So please advise if someone knows how to run PDA or USB mobile device under the latest version of win 10.

    Or if is able somehow run Microsoft mobile device center......

    Sincerely, Liberec

    úterý 20. června 2017 6:12

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  • Ahoj.

    Není tohle ten stejný problém?

    úterý 20. června 2017 7:32
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    pondělí 3. července 2017 19:44