WDS not working with UEFI RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone,

    I've been trying to deploy my images created with MDT over the Windows Deployment Services for UEFI but I can't get it to work. When booting over PXE on my UEFI Client it's stuck at ">>Start PXE over ipv4" and then throws me back into the boot menu. PXE Booting onto our Deployment Server over legacy BIOS works just fine.

    At first I thought it's a DHCP problem, so I configured our DHCP Server with Options 60,66,67 and all the vendor classes like described in many online tutorials. Nothing worked so I started Wireshark on our Deployment Server and listend for UDP on Port 4011.

    My Client is sending a Request for "Server host name" and "Boot file name" and our Deployment Server is sending the Acknowledgement "WSUS.MY.DOMAIN" and "boot\x64\wdsmgfw.efi" which looks correct to me. Assuming that the wdsmgfw.efi maybe is broken, I replaced it with the version stored in the system32 folder which did not work. Though deleting the .efi File entirely didn't throw a error message or anything.

    The RemoteInstall folder of our WDS is named MDT and located on a second drive. WDS was setup this way and knows where the RemoteInstall folder is located (Right click → properties on our deployment server in WDS shows "D:\MDT" ). So I guess this wouldn't have effect on the directory the deployment server is sending to the client.

    Do I need to put additional files in our RemoteInstall folder? Our Deployment Shares are located in different folders, do I need to move them in the RemoteInstall folder (D:\MDT)?

    Montag, 10. August 2020 08:59


  • I "found" the solution.

    Since I've tried almost everything I thought what was causing this issue, I assumed that some files were permanently broken.
    I've thrown out all our start- and installation-images and uninstalled WDS completely and unregistered the network shares. Reinstalling WDS and setting up a single start-image solved the problem and I'm now able to boot PXE with UEFI.

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