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  • Hello,

    we are using Fortinet SSL client in our company for along time. Since a few weeks I often experiencing a strange behavior related to DNS resolution. While connected with VPN I am not able to reach intranet ressources by name. When pinging a company server I get a wrong ip address! Obviously the Windows client tried to reach the server over Internet with no luck. When I open a NSLOOKUP prompt and asking for the same server, the result is always correct. (I deleted the DNS cache before)

    After I did some investigations and tests I found out, when I disable IPv6 stack on my local Windows interface the DNS resolution is always fine. But we do not have IPv6 enabled in our company network. Only my home router provides both IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

    Can you explain why PING results in an invalid ip address even though NSLOOKUP is using the right nameserver and the right local ip address? Is there probably a special IPv6 cache out there or does the dns handling has changed in Windows?!?

    Thanks Sebastian

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