How to adapt Desktop provisioning scripts for temporary user (Geust)?


  • Dear community,

    I have the following problem:

    I am on Windows 7 professional and have registered a new, temporary Guest profile. Whenever I load the Guest profile, the desktop provisioning / generation process takes ~ 10 minutes, as it loads lots of applications, these applications load their own "new user adaption scripts", but Guest profile doesn't need any of them.

    In order to create the Guest profile, I added a user Guest to the group "Guests".

    -Is there a possibility to adapt the profile creation and desktop provisioning scripts, such that I can disable those programms I don't need?

    -Where can I do that?

    -Can you giude me or link me to a guide step by step?

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018 15:02

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