UAG2010 SP3 no Route to internal LAN RRS feed

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  • Hello,
    yesterday i implemented an Appliance with UAG2010 SP3 in my trainingslab.
    The Appliance is equipped with two Ethernet Controller. one for the internet (213.142.X.X) and one for the local LAN (

    The appliance ist directly connected to the Internet. There is no Firewall infront or behind the appliance.

    On the UAG i have published a RAS VPN Connection for my Windows RT Tablet PC.
    At this time i can successfuly initiate the VPN Connetion. But the only Public IP Adress i reach is the internal IP from my UAG Appliance.
    The other Machines is the private Network are not reachable.
    When i use the published RDP connections in my UAG Portal i can successfuly connect to my Machines.
    I think i need to add some routes for my private network.
    But, where i must add them ?
    On the UAG itselfs ? Or on every Machine in the Network ?

    On my Machines in the Network i have the sane issures. They can reach every machine in the Network. But have no connect to the internet.

    i hope you can help me.

    Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013 13:04