MSP Crashes trying to save as XML or after saving multiple times as MPD


  • Recently my project file has started to be buggy during saves.  The first save after opening the file and making changes is never a problem if I'm still saving as an MPD file, but if I try to save again without closing the file, it often (not always) crashes.

    More recently (and this is my bigger problem), when I attempt to save the project file in XML format it crashes.  Technically it begins the process and creates a shell xml file, but then project crashes.  The xml file that it started to create is of course incomplete.

    I'm a decent scheduler but not an IT guy.  If my file has become corrupted any ideas what I can do?

    I'm working with MSP 2016 version 6.0.9226.2126

    Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018 12:10