Cannot install Internet Explorer 9 on SBS Server 2008 exit code 0x80092004 (-2146885628) RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    at first a few details about the system:

    OS: Windows Small Business Server 2008

    Service Pack 2

    14 GB RAM

    4 CPU-Cores


    Every time while trying to install the IE9 with Windows Update or by executing the msu package for Windows Vista x64 I get an error.

    The error code from Windows Update is: 80092004

    I already tried to install after a clean reboot with only the VMware Tools Services enabled. That also fails. The following lines show the IE9_main.log-file. Please note that I already had IE8 installed when the error appeard. I tried to solve this by first uninstalling IE8 but unfortunately it didn't work.

    Details of C:\Windows\IE9_main.log

    00:00.000: ====================================================================
    00:00.000: Started: 2015/09/30 (Y/M/D) 13:44:12.962 (local)
    00:00.016: Time Format in this log: MM:ss.mmm (minutes:seconds.milliseconds)
    00:00.016: Command line: "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install\WU-IE9-WindowsVista-x64.exe" /WU
    00:00.016: INFO:    Setup installer for Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421
    00:00.016: INFO:    Previous version of Internet Explorer: 7.0.6002.19478
    00:00.016: INFO:    Checking if iexplore.exe's current version is between 9.0.6001.0...
    00:00.016: INFO:    ...and
    00:00.016: INFO:    Maximum version on which to run IEAK branding is:
    00:00.016: INFO:    iexplore.exe version check success. Install can proceed.
    00:00.016: INFO:    Trying to extract ID: 7005 (0) as ""
    00:00.359: ERROR:   Failed to extract a language pack for a non-english OS.
    00:00.359: INFO:    This is an English only package, so installation will continue on this non-English OS.
    00:00.359: INFO:    Trying to extract ID: 5006 (0) as ""
    00:00.641: INFO:    Operating System: Windows Server: 6.0.6002 (Service Pack 2)
    00:00.656: INFO:    Windows Vista operating system detected.
    00:00.656: INFO:    Service pack major: 2
    00:00.656: INFO:    Service pack minor: 0
    00:00.656: INFO:    Service pack name:  Service Pack 2
    00:00.656: INFO:    Version Check of C:\Windows\System32\Photometadatahandler.dll: 7.0.6002.18107 >= (True)
    00:00.687: INFO:    Version Check of C:\Windows\System32\XpsPrint.dll: 7.0.6002.18427 >= 7.0.6002.18363 (True)
    00:07.203: INFO:    Windows Update user chose to install.
    00:34.500: INFO:    The neutral package failed to download.  Error: 0x800b0109 (2148204809)
    00:34.500: INFO:    The neutral pack was not successfully downloaded from the internet. Installation will continue using the extracted package.
    00:34.500: INFO:    No reboot policy and supplemental files successfully downloaded and extracted for use.
    00:34.500: INFO:    Installing with the extracted package. C:\Windows\TEMP\IE921CC.tmp\
    00:34.516: INFO:    Launched package installation: C:\Windows\system32\pkgmgr.exe /quiet /norestart /ip /m:C:\Windows\TEMP\IE921CC.tmp\ /s:C:\Windows\TEMP\IE921CC.tmp\PackageFiles
    00:46.531: INFO:    Process 'C:\Windows\system32\pkgmgr.exe /quiet /norestart /ip /m:C:\Windows\TEMP\IE921CC.tmp\ /s:C:\Windows\TEMP\IE921CC.tmp\PackageFiles' exited with exit code 0x80092004 (-2146885628)
    00:46.531: ERROR:   Neutral MSU installation failed (exit code = 0x80092004 (2148081668)).
    00:46.562: INFO:    An unknown error occurred. Check the return value online as a Windows Error Value for more information.  Setup exit code 0x80092004 (-2146885628)
    00:46.766: INFO:    Cleaning up temporary files in: C:\Windows\TEMP\IE921CC.tmp
    00:46.906: INFO:    Unable to remove directory C:\Windows\TEMP\IE921CC.tmp, marking for deletion on reboot.
    00:46.922: INFO:    Released Internet Explorer Installer Mutex

    Thank you for helping!

    Mittwoch, 30. September 2015 12:32


  • Now for all that have the same problem I found the answer myself:

    To ensure that no old packages of the former IE9 setups can corrupt the installation I had to remove them manually:

    FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*9.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"

    I hope this will help someone who has the same problem.

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